Our Story

Collectively Contributing to a Thriving Workforce 

About WorkLab

WorkLab Innovations is a national nonprofit network that catalyzes employer investments in frontline workers by expanding access to the Sustainable Workforce Model. Our network sites implement the Model through a unique employer-partnered approach that addresses barriers to sustained employment most often experienced by frontline and lower-wage workers.

Our Mission 

WorkLab members partner with businesses to scale innovative talent strategies that improve retention, attendance, engagement, and productivity. We contribute collectively to a thriving workforce that benefits employers, employees, and the community.

Our Vision 

Employers across the U.S. collaborate with their local communities to invest in their workforces, resulting in better jobs and inclusive economic growth.

Our Goals

  • Share best practices for implementing the Sustainable Workforce Model approach
  • Help communities form employer-led collaborative efforts using the approach
  • Ensuring quality and model integrity across sites

Our Story 

In June 2015, four nonprofit organizations using the Sustainable Workforce Model – Connect for Success, The SOURCE, Working Bridges, and WorkLife Partnership – came together under a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment. Collectively, they founded WorkLab Innovations to implement the national scaling of our work.

Through 2016, our Founding Members worked with FSG and The Rockefeller Foundation to develop a strategy for intentionally scaling the Sustainable Workforce Model in sites across the United States.  Together, the four Founding Members developed the parameters, mission and vision of WorkLab Innovations – from leadership and governance to membership and outreach – for the network-based approach to our work.