An Innovative Employee Benefit

Whatever your employees are facing at home, we help them stay present and productive at work


We're an employee benefit that responds to people's real problems.

We minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increase employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, immediate, and human-to-human assistance when workers need it most.  

  • Save money by reducing lost productivity and expense from employee turnover
  • Increase employee productivity and performance as personal and financial distractions are addressed
  • Build stronger and more positive workplace cultures
  • Improve your bottom line while contributing to the economic vitality of your community

How does it work? 

At the heart of the model are Resource Navigators with deep knowledge of local community resources and supports as well as specialized training in assisting people to address complex personal and financial challenges. Together, they set goals, develop budgets, and create long-term plans. Resource Navigators:

  • Offer one-on-one, confidential assistance to all employees with a focus on frontline and lower-wage employees.
  • Connect employees with individualized services and community resources to overcome work and life issues that prevent them from being reliable and productive at work.
  • Assist employees with customized planning for work and life stability by connecting them to resources for housing, transportation, food assistance, and child care, as well as career and financial coaching.
  • Connect employees to mental and behavioral health resources and legal assistance and help them understand and make the most of health insurance, EAPs, and other workplace benefits.
  • Meet employees where they are, with both scheduled visits and open office hours right in the workplace.

Our service is personal

When your employees reach out to a Resource Navigation, they will connect a person who will take the time to understand all of their unique needs and challenges. When working with us, employees will never interact with a call center. In fact, they will have access to the direct email and phone number of their Resource Navigator. We can provide office hours where employees can drop in or schedule off-site meetings for employees worried about privacy. We meet them where they're at and we work to build their trust so your employees will feel comfortable and confident reaching out whenever they need support.

Our service is flexible

Resource Navigators are available to help employees on their schedule. They can offer set office hours or meet outside of business hours. Employees are connecting with a person, not a hotline, and they can call, text, or email—whatever works best for them. And we never limit the number of times they can ask for help. Resource Navigators will work with every employee as long as they need, and it never costs the employee a cent.

We have local expertise

Resource Navigators work directly within their employer partners' local community. A key part of their service is building strong relationships with the resources that serve that community, such as food banks, legal aid, and mental health care. They know which counselors can offer sliding fees, where their clients can get discounts on car repairs, and the income limits for government subsidies. They have specialized expertise in the issues present in your community and in the resources and solutions that are available at the local level.

We address financial health

For frontline workers with a modest income, the underlying problem behind most challenges is financial. Resource Navigators work to address every aspect of their clients' financial situation, from helping them create a budget to planning for long term goals to finding access to emergency funds. Navigators have connections to local resources for financial training, loan programs, credit advocacy, and more. We understand the challenges your employees are facing—like the high costs of housing, healthcare, and childcare—and we know how to help.

We think of the individual

Resource Navigators find personalized solutions for the challenges that frontline workers face. They meet one-on-one to get the full picture of the employee's situation. They integrate the benefits offered by employers, community support resources, government programs, and other creative solutions. They work with local vendors like childcare services and auto repair shops to negotiate tailored solutions. They partner with the employee to find a solution to address their immediate concern and they help them feel better prepared to tackle future challenges. Once the Navigator and the employee have addressed the immediate concerns, they can continue to work together to build greater stability or work toward long-term goals.


Employees who work with a Resource Navigator report feeling less stressed, are more confident in their abilities, and are more likely to stay employed. Our service offers employees an unmatched level of personal support that improves your bottom line through increased employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

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