An Innovative Workplace Benefit

Supporting frontline workers' well-being, business productivity and community prosperity


The Sustainable Workforce Model

The Sustainable Workforce Model minimizes work disruptions, decreases absenteeism, improves workers’ financial stability, and ultimately increases employee retention and engagement by offering personalized, immediate, and human-to-human assistance when workers need it most.  

The Model is made available to employers through our national network of nonprofit partners in a fee-for-service arrangement. The Model's services become an integral part of an employer's benefits package. Please contact us to learn about availability in your community.

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How does it work? 

At the heart of the model are resource navigators with deep knowledge of local community resources and supports as well as specialized training in assisting workers to address complex work-life challenges by setting goals, developing budgets, and creating long-term plans. Resource navigators:

  • Offer one-on-one, confidential assistance to all employees of member companies with a focus on frontline and lower-wage employees.
  • Connect employees with individualized services and community resources to overcome work and life issues that prevent them from being reliable and productive at work.
  • Assist employees with customized planning for work and life stability by connecting them to resources for housing, transportation, food assistance, and child care, as well as career and financial coaching.
  • Connect employees to mental and behavioral health resources and legal assistance and help them understand and make the most of health insurance, EAPs, and other workplace benefits.
  • Meet employees where they are, with both scheduled visits and open office hours right in the workplace.


Expanding Access to the Sustainable Workforce Model

Through a growing network of community-based organizations both trained and supported by WorkLab Innovations, we are expanding employer access to the Sustainable Workforce Model.  Community-based organizations and employers interested in bringing the Model to their organizations are encouraged to join our learning network.

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