How It Works

Problems in life show up at work as disengagement, burnout, and turnover.

Disengagement costs businesses an estimated $550 billion a year.
It costs nearly 50% of their salary to replace a middle skilled worker.

You need a happy, productive frontline workforce to give the best customer service. But when your workers are struggling to make ends meet, their distractions can make them unproductive, miss work, or even quit. When this is happening to thousands of workers, it's costing your business millions.

Our specially trained Resource Navigators support your workforce with personalized guidance, education, and access to thousands of resources. We've been partnering with employers since 2003 to build workforce cultures where employees stay longer, work harder, and feel supported and engaged.

Payday loans. Utility shut-offs. Evictions. Food deserts. Childcare. Medical claims. Wage garnishments. Public benefits. Medical debt. Car repairs. Mental health. Tax liens. Domestic disputes. Elder care. Student loans. Credit scores. 401(k)s. Balancing a budget. Career pathways. Pursuing education. Buying a home.


We ask and we listen

We know the right questions to ask so we understand your employees’ challenges and what’s causing them. We’re trained to talk with people coping with hardship and we know how to help.


We give personalized, one-on-one support

We connect your employees to thousands of resources that address their immediate concerns, then we work together to create a plan that gets them back on track. We encourage their progress over time so they feel supported in making changes.


We think long term

We help your employees build the knowledge and skills they need to tackle future challenges and progress toward their goals. We build trust so they're comfortable coming to us whenever they need support.

Meeting with a Navigator is ALWAYS free & confidential, for as long as they need

Beneath most stressors and challenges is an underlying financial gap.

Our work is grounded in building long-term financial health. Once we've addressed the immediate concerns, we work to solve their underlying circumstances to get them to a monthly budget that works.



of workers who’ve met with a Resource Navigator in the last year are still employed.


of employees say that they are less stressed after working with a Resource Navigator.


of employees felt prepared to handle similar situations in the future.


20180912-Retail-Difference-AdobeStock_65787674A strong frontline = a strong bottom line

Study after study has shown that employees who feel supported by their company and engaged in their work perform better.

  • Workers who are engaged and thriving are 59% less likely to leave their jobs
  • Highly engaged workers are 20% more productive and 21% more profitable
  • Workers at companies that support worker wellbeing are 5x more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

When you invest in your people, you should see real results.
That's what we deliver.

Get the benefits of a workforce that works

With the right support, your frontline can stop seeming like a cost and get back to being your greatest asset.

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