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Posted on November 6, 2018

The latest research offers valuable insights into building a stronger workforce for your company. This is what we learned when we read through the newest studies.

47% of Americans are spending more than or equal to their income

The Center for Financial Services Innovations has released a pulse survey that offers a window into the financial lives of Americans right now. They found that only 28% of Americans are financially healthy; 55% are coping and 17% are vulnerable. That’s 42 million people struggling with nearly all aspects of their financial lives. One major indicator of financial health was instability in the workplace—employees who have unpredictable schedules and volatile wages were less likely to be financially healthy.

In a survey of 900 employers, 87% would strongly recommend registered apprenticeships

Many employers report that they struggle to find qualified people to fill open positions, but few have explored apprenticeship programs to train the workers they need. Formalized learning on the job is much less common in the US, but it’s being revived as a great way to attract talent and close the skills gap. Another benefit to firms is the positive impact of apprenticeship on innovation. Well-trained workers are more likely to understand the complexities of a company’s processes and to identify and implement technological and technique improvements. According to the US Department of Labor, effective apprenticeship programs produce a 150% ROI.

A study found leaders who prioritized morality had higher performing organizations with less turnover and more creative, proactive, engaged, and satisfied employees

For the first time, this study takes into account the subjectivity of morality. Regardless of the leader’s specific approach to ethics, the researchers found that defining and prioritizing your morals as a leader makes your business more successful. “Over and over again, our research found that followers perceived ethical leaders as more effective and trusted, and those leaders enjoyed greater personal well-being” says study coauthor Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources at the University at Buffalo.

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