Making the Case to Employer Partners:

The Relationship Sales Model Used by WorkLife Partnership

Posted on February 6, 2018

In 2009, an employee named Carla* walked into Jennifer Beckman’s HR office at KONG looking for advice about buying a wig. Recently diagnosed with cancer, Carla needed help with a variety of issues, from finding a doctor close to her home, to understanding the benefits she could access, to the issue of hair loss. English was not her first language, and she was struggling to navigate all the complex issues she faced, and find solutions while continuing to work, and care for herself and her family.

Much of what Carla was facing was beyond the scope of Jennifer’s role, but because both she personally, and KONG as an employer, had a culture of caring, Jennifer went above and beyond her job description to help Carla find solutions. The result? Carla found the resources she needed, completed her treatment, and to this day is a loyal and engaged employee at KONG.

Knowing that many of their employees, particularly frontline workers, were experiencing similar challenges, and knowing that it would not be sustainable for her to help every person, Jennifer sought out a more sustainable solution, beginning a long-term relationship with WorkLife Partnership.

While working at KONG, Jennifer was in the buyer’s seat. As an HR professional, she was regularly approached by vendors offering benefits and solutions designed to support the workforce. Today, sitting on the other side of the table, she has worked to develop the relationship-based sales and business development model that WorkLife Partnership and the members of WorkLab Innovations use to go to market.

In this webinar, Jennifer describes key elements of the process, including:

  • How emotional intelligence plays into successful business development activities.
  • The best way to identify your target market.
  • A framework for talking about WorkLife Partnership services.
  • The value of a data-driven approach in initial conversations.
  • Ways to overcome objections.
  • Systems and solutions for tracking communication with prospects.

Having sat on both sides of the table, as an HR buyer and now a passionate advocate for the Sustainable Workforce Model, Jennifer Beckman brings a wealth of guidance and ideas for developing a strong, relationship-based pipeline of clients and prospects to partners and members in this webinar. Click here to watch highlights from this webinar.

*Not her real name

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