Telling Stories with Data to Show Value and Inspire Investment

Posted on December 27, 2017

Employers today have access to a wide variety of data sources to measure their business performance, both from their internal systems, and from trend and benchmarking reports. But data without context can end up being overwhelming rather than inspiring. In this week’s webinar, Impact Manager Cindy Williams explores and shares how WorkLab Innovations takes a curated, visual approach to communicating data-driven messages to support of three key goals:


  • Market Services to Potential Employer Partners
  • Demonstrate Value to Current Employer Partners
  • Compel Investment in Front-Line Workers

Opening with an overview of the history and vision of WorkLab Innovations from Managing Director Liddy Romero, this session then dives deeply into the power of storytelling and visual presentation to build empathy and showcase results. Cindy begins with the story of a challenge faced by an employer partner’s HR team. Knowing that they needed to build a case for investment, the partner came to WorkLab Innovations to ask how they could make the case for providing resources and support to front-line workers.

Cindy and the HR team collaborated to develop a customized infographic that clearly showed the gap between what the employee needed to cover their basic needs, and what the organization was providing, allowing HR to make a compelling case that retention in this role was at risk.

This infographic is one of a variety of tools that WorkLab Innovations uses to showcase the value of the work they do to help retain and support front-line workers. These tools, including PowerPoint presentations, infographics, employer dashboards, and in-person communications, come together to tell a story of value. They focus on a blend of business and human metrics, including stories of overcoming barriers, as well as hard facts about ROI.

In this session, you’ll learn what tools Cindy and her team use to create powerful visuals, and inspiring stories to connect to stakeholders including employers, funders, HR influencers, managers, and the community. The webinar is a detailed look into the communication toolkit that is used by WorkLab Innovations to connect their work directly to both the bottom line for the business, and the more personal success stories of each individual client.


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