Investing in Entry-Level Talent: Retention Strategies that Work

An FSG report, written by Kimberly Gilsdorf and Fay Hanleybrown and funded by Walmart.

Entry-level employees are vital to business success. From restaurants to retailers and from manufacturers to hospitals, Americans working in entry-level positions contribute to economic growth
for companies and society. Yet while many companies focus on supporting and retaining their
senior executives and managers, most accept high entry-level employee turnover as the cost of
doing business.

A high-cost, high-turnover cycle does not have to be the norm. Although the U.S. retail industry
lost approximately $9 billion dollars to voluntary entry-level turnover in 2016, and turnover
is forecast to rise across industries from health care to banking, there are exceptions to this trend.
Our research identified a wide range of companies who are unlocking value by investing in the
retention and advancement of their entry-level workforce.

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