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WorkLab offers three types of network membership.

Whether you’re ready to bring the Sustainable Workforce Model to your community or simply want to become more acquainted with our work, let's connect. Choose the membership entry point that is best for you -- we’re here to provide support as you Discover, Plan or Implement. 

DISCOVER - Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership includes access to webinars, discussion forums, educational resources and "best practice" materials. 

Best For

Businesses, philanthropic organizations, backbone entities, and nonprofit organizations that want to learn more about the WorkLab Sustainable Workforce Model, stay up to date on field-of-practice trends and innovation, and network with other Trade members.  Membership Fee:  $150 Annually

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PLAN - Tailored Consulting

Consulting is tailored to each individual organization’s needs and goals.  WorkLab Innovations’ staff, Founding Member practitioners and subject-matter experts are all utilized in our consulting work to provide customized support to a diverse range of organizations.

Best For

Organizations moving towards model implementation and assessing the fit and feasibility of success.


IMPLEMENT - Operating Membership

Operating Membership is offered through an application process, and two Operating Member cohorts are launched each year. Operating Members benefit from consulting and technical assistance, best practices and business cultivation techniques by subject-area experts, customized plan for the successful launch of programming, fundraising support, replication toolkits, peer-to-peer learning, WorkLab co-branding, and data management support across the national network. 

Best For

Organizations that have assessed the fit and feasibility of the Sustainable Workforce Model for their communities and are ready to implement (or are currently implementing) the Model.

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