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Trade Membership

Trade Membership is best for businesses, philanthropic organizations, backbone entities, and nonprofit organizations that want to learn more about the WorkLab Sustainable Workforce Model, stay up to date on field-of-practice trends and innovation, and network with other Trade members.

Your Trade Membership includes access to experienced WorkLab staff, newsletters, webinars, and discussion forums, as well as discounted pricing on WorkLab-sponsored events.


Discovery Membership

Discovery Membership offers all the benefits of a Trade Membership, and includes a more comprehensive exploration of the WorkLab Sustainable Workforce to assess fit and feasibility. 

Your Discovery Membership includes consultations, access to members-only resources and newsletters, and an on-site meeting to develop a strong understanding of the WorkLab Model and its successful applications across our nationwide network.


Operating Membership

Operating Membership is offered by invitation only through an application process. Operating Members benefit from all the features of Discovery Membership, as well as WorkLab co-branding, fundraising support, replication toolkits, peer-to-peer learning, and data management support across the national network.

Operating Membership is offered to organizations that have assessed the fit and feasibility of the WorkLab Sustainable Workforce Model as Discovery Members and are ready to implement the Model.



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