Sustainable Workforce Model launches in Omaha following successful pilot program

Posted on May 1, 2019

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new Sustainable Workforce Model program, expanding access to Resource Navigators in Omaha, Nebraska. The Greater Omaha WorkLab (GrOW) is now offering our unique model of frontline worker support to Omaha-area employers looking to support, engage, and retain their employees.The program is launching within the Greater Omaha Chamber with a three-year grant from Lozier Corporation.

The new program was championed by Director, Workforce Services Chad Mares, whose interest in the Model was initially sparked by a profile of the Grand Rapids employers who pioneered the model to provide greater support for their own employees, eventually forming what is now WorkLab Founding Member The SOURCE.

Chad partnered with the Greater Omaha Chamber, local employer North End Teleservices, and the nonprofit Project Everlast to run a pilot program. North End aimed to be a supportive employer that built trust among their employees, but their HR manager was spending so much time trying to solve employee issues that it was conflicting with her primary role. To offer North End immediate help and to trial the approach of the Sustainable Workforce Model, Chad enlisted a team from Project Everlast to work with the employees.

In early September 2018, over the course of 4 visits, Project Everlast provided roughly 20 employees with nearly $12,000 in community flex funds, including housing and utility assistance. The response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. North End noticed a big shift in employee attitudes, and it showed in their work performance. The HR manager felt unburdened from being stretched too thin and struggling to help employees without the necessary resources. The stories gathered from the pilot program helped Chad and the Chamber frame not only the need in Omaha, but how the model can work in practice.

Resource Navigation services are now available in the greater Omaha area. Contact the Greater Omaha WorkLab to learn more. Since launching in 2017, WorkLab has growth the reach of the Sustainable Workforce Model from four to 10 cities across the US. Find out if Resource Navigators are available in your city or let us know you'd like to bring the Model to your community.


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