The Source Removes Barriers and Provides Support to Help Employees Thrive

Posted on June 3, 2019

Women's LifeStyle, Grand Rapid

In 2003, a group of employers got together to solve a problem they were facing across their companies; many of their employees were facing barriers that interfered with their employment. These seven companies formed The SOURCE, a nonprofit centered on providing services to employees of member companies in order to help them retain employment and advance their careers.

There are currently 21 companies that pay for membership at The SOURCE, most being manufacturers.

“Employers pay about 80 percent of our budget to fund our organization through their membership, and the rest is through philanthropy,” Milinda Ysasi, executive director of The SOURCE, said.

The nonprofit operates under a collaborative model where staff, member companies and numerous community partners work together in a system that benefits each stakeholder.

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