WorkLab Innovations Welcomes New Members Implementing the Sustainable Workforce Model

Posted on December 14, 2017

Founding members of WorkLab Innovations welcomed the first cohort of four new members to its unique network of workforce development organizations and employers who are ready to lead, learn, and share best practices for implementing the Sustainable Workforce Model approach to their programs.

The Sustainable Workforce Model is part of an initiative to minimize work disruptions, decrease worker absenteeism, increase workers’ financial stability, and increase employee retention by supporting frontline and lower-wage employees with access to supportive services.

Webinar guest speakers and founding members of WorkLab Innovations included:

  •      Valerie Wendell, Director of National Implementation, WorkLab Innovations in Denver, CO
  •      Liddy Romero, Executive Director of WorkLife Partnership in Denver, CO and Managing Director of WorkLab Innovations
  •      Mindy Ysasi, Executive Director of The SOURCE, in Grand Rapids, MI
  •      Lisa Falcone, Previously Project Director of Working Bridges at the United Way NW in VT

The kick-off meeting offered an opportunity for new members to introduce themselves and their programs, along with answer any questions new members had about implementing the Sustainable Workforce Model within their own organizations across the country. Member organizations consist of community based organizations that manage a number of support services that include, but are not limited to, access to childcare, affordable housing, and referrals to other social services for working families.

The success of the Sustainable Workforce Model depends upon highly trained Resource Navigators who support frontline and lower-wage workers and their employers in the areas of financial planning, coaching, behavioral health and business practices. These Navigators offer confidential, one-on-one support to employees of member employer organizations that help them gain access to services that address barriers to employment.


Interested in Becoming a Member?

The WorkLab Network is currently welcoming new member organizations and employers who are interested in implementing the Sustainable Workforce Model, or are interested in learning more about how the model works.

Benefits of membership depend up on level of membership, but can include access to educational webinars, comprehensive consulting and technical assistance, as well as access to networking opportunities with other member organizations who are dedicated to improving life for working families.

Learn more about membership in the WorkLab Learning Network

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