A Difficult Transition


Posted on June 13, 2019

Yvonne* and her husband were getting a divorce. She needed to find a place for her and her four kids to live in just a few weeks. She did not have enough saved for a deposit and was really worried about becoming homeless or moving back to her home state to live with family. Moving away would mean leaving her job and losing her income.

Yvonne had a lead on an available apartment, but with so little time to find a place, she couldn't save enough in time. Her Navigator told her about a local nonprofit that could offer first month's rental assistance and coached her on how to apply. Yvonne had never had to apply for an apartment on her own before, so she and the Navigator also talked through advice for how to talk to landlords and her rental rights and responsibilities to help her get into a safe, comfortable home for her kids. To pay for the large up-front deposit the new lease would require, the Navigator wrote Yvonne a letter of recommendation for her employer's Employee Hardship Relief Program. Finally, they completed a budget to make sure that Yvonne would be able to afford the new rent and still have enough for the rest of her bills and expenses.

Yvonne was approved for the new apartment, and she receive a $500 grant for her first month's rent and $1400 toward the deposit from her employer's hardship relief funds. Yvonne avoided being homeless and was able to stay in the state and keep her job.

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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality