Bridging a Hard Time


Posted on February 14, 2019

Rhonda* went to see her Navigator because her husband was recently laid off. They had fallen a month behind on their mortgage, and she thought an AAC Bridge Loan could help.

The Navigator help Rhonda run through a monthly budget without the husband’s income, and they realized they couldn’t afford to pay back the loan and the interest would only pile up. Instead, the Navigator helped Rhonda apply for Food Assistance through DHHS to supplement her income until her husband found employment, and they discussed job search and unemployment options for her husband.

Within two months, her husband started work and received his first check. With his new income, Rhonda could afford to take out $500 AAC Bridge Loan to catch up on some of their bills. The couple continued to pay the loan back and kept up on their current bills.

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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality