Feeling Human Again 

Posted on August 2, 2018

A family of six was living in a motel room. Exhausted with their situation, Diane* decided to seek help from a Navigator.

Together, the Navigator and Diane sat down and discussed all the needs of the family. The Navigator was able to link the family with a variety of resources. Diane and her family received bus passes, food and clothing to help meet some of their most basic needs. The Navigator also helped the family to secure a place within a 60-day transitional housing program that would help them progress toward stability.

“With this we will have an address and be able to think further ahead; thanks for not brushing us off because of our situation. I am so thankful for your assistance through all these hard times and how you helped us to have a main thought of the bigger picture. It makes us feel like we are human again and that we matter.”

Topics: financial stability, housing, food insecurity,


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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality