Learning to Communicate


Posted on November 29, 2018

When Danielle* started professional development coaching through her Navigator, she was struggling with problems with communication, expectations and other interpersonal issues. The Upskill Coach helped Danielle analyze the situation, view it from more perspectives and ask the right questions.

They worked together on talking points for addressing tricky issues because emotionally charged topics can be difficult to articulate clearly and effectively. The Coach also ran an exercise to help the managers understand their individual communications styles, which revealed some of the managers were missing the tools and training to be able to create changes on all sides.

Continued coaching gave Danielle the confidence to handle difficult situations, and her Coach gave her timelines and actionable goals to move forward successfully. Danielle appreciated that she could work on improving her skills without worrying about conflicts of interest or internal politics.

“I know she's on my team and her priority is helping me become better.”

Topics: soft skills & work relationships,


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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality