Overwhelmed and Unsure

Posted on September 6, 2018

When Ida's* husband got injured, he lost his job. Suddenly she was the only breadwinner for a family of four while also trying to support a kid in college. She worked in a high turnover, high-stress job at an eldercare facility. Suddenly, she was completely overwhelmed.

She'd met with her Navigator before to help file her taxes. Receiving one-one-one assistance and filing for free when she'd been paying for it for years developed trust. Several months later, when she was overwhelmed by stress, she confided in her Navigator that she felt like she was close to a breakdown.

The Navigator talked with Ida about what she was coping with and went over the EAP benefits offered by her employer. She was entitled to free counseling sessions, and together they found a counselor that lived in her area, had openings, and had experience with her particular needs. Two months later, she was seeing her counselor consistently and handling her home stress to make sure it didn't interfere with her performance and security at work.

Topics: financial stability, mental health,


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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality