Years of Unpaid Taxes

Posted on July 19, 2018

Esteban* owed $53,000 in back taxes and had not filed taxes for many years when he finally reached out to his Navigator. They sat down to figure out what had gone wrong and how he could set it right.

The Navigator discovered that he had 3 exemptions on his W-2 but did not claim his children as dependents. The decided to reduce his exemptions right away so he did not owe anything the next tax season. They also worked together to gather all of his W-2 forms from the missing years and find out where and when he could get his overdue taxes done. The Navigator connected Esteban to a certified tax rep who completed his necessary taxes and called the IRS with him to roll the amount he owed into a payment plan. Together they were able to get him up to date on his taxes without raising his monthly payment.

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*Names have been changed to preserve employee confidentiality