When you help your employees navigate life, they thrive at work

Providing your workers with our unmatched level of personal support means they stay longer, feel happier, and are more productive and engaged.

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Stress from personal and financial challenges distracts your workers from doing their best at work.

Employee benefits can do more to solve the real problems people face—finances, housing, healthcare, transportation, childcare, debt.

Our service is based on one simple idea: When your workers thrive, your business grows.

We support your workforce with specially trained Resource Navigators who get them the help they need so they can stay present and productive at work.


Chat-Icon-860We give personalized, one-on-one support

When your employee connects with their Resource Navigator, they intervene with the resources and education to handle immediate concerns, then set them up with a plan to get them to a better place.

We work to build trust with your employees so they come to us whenever they need support. 

Thumbs-Up-Icon-860You get a healthy, productive workforce

Our support goes beyond quick fixes to address the underlying factors and context, so the real problem gets solved for good. That means less abseentism, distraction, disengagment, and workplace conflict.

And when we're there to handle the personal issues, your supervisors are free to focus on what matters.

Magnifying-Glass-Icon-860You get a sightline into your frontline

We're embedded in your workforce, talking to your people every day. We keep you informed so you know what trends are happening, if problems are developing, and what you can do about it.

We bring you 10 years' experience in how to invest in your people so you see real, measurable results.

“If a Resource Navigator can provide assistance to those who need it, our employees are able to focus on our residents and provide them with quality care. We have seen that employees who have spent time with a Resource Navigator stay in their roles longer. The cost and time to retrain a new employee is too high to not partner with WorkLife.”

—Director, Columbine Health Systems

“We’ve seen the ease our management team feels when our Resource Navigator can help employees with personal challenges that each of us face but are beyond the skill set or job requirements of direct supervisors.”

—Director, FirstBank Call Center

“Since working with my Navigator, I have become more optimistic that I'm doing okay financially. I feel smarter, and I'm able to make better decisions with my money because I understand it better now. I go back to work more productive knowing that I'm making progress in my life.”

—Employee Testimonial


of workers who’ve met with a Resource Navigator in the last year are still employed.


of employees say that they are less stressed after working with a Resource Navigator.


of employees felt prepared to handle similar situations in the future.

Get the benefits of a workforce that works

With the right support, your frontline can stop seeming like a cost and get back to being your greatest asset.

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